A promise of a better life

Our house came with a giant pellet stove that takes up about half of the room in which it sits:

Ignore that we’re using it as a table.

We desperately want to get rid of it* and replace it with a lower-profile wood-burning fireplace.  We can’t do it right away because we just don’t have the money to do it, and we need to space out our improvements to make sure we can afford them.  However, when I was working outside yesterday, I started clearing the backyard a bit by gathering fallen and seasoned sticks and branches, and I set up wood piles against the back of the house.  Every project you do yourself brings your house one step closer to being a home, and this project is a promise both to my wife that we will have a wood-burning fireplace one day and to both of us that life will get better.


* Not just because it takes up so much space (and isn’t particularly attractive), but because we actually have to pay more for our home insurance while it’s in our house.


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