April Stats

Wow, this month has gone by without many posts from me.  I’ve been biking a lot – about 155 miles since I got my bike a month ago – plus I’ve started running.  I seem to be pushing myself a bit too hard, so I may have to cut back for a little bit until I get stronger, but the goal is still to try to do a 70.3 one of these days.

The reno is going very, very slowly – drywall took two weeks (and isn’t actually done), and we’re leaving for a Disneyland trip on Sunday, so that will hold us up another five days.  The kitchen floors are delayed yet again, but the upper kitchen cabinets are supposed to go in tomorrow, which would be nice.

Anyway, here are the stats for this month:

Student Loans 3.73% $23,589.09 $0.00 $50.00
Mortgage 3.50% $311,976.20 $2,259.03 $0.00
Total $335,565.29 $2,259.03 $50.00

The automated payments for my student loans start tomorrow, so this month’s payment will appear in next month’s stats.  I expected the interest rate to come down more than that, but I will follow up after the first payment goes through.

We finally got all the information we needed and paid our taxes – about $15k worth! – and I got my yearly raise, so we’re starting to save money again.  We need to replenish our savings account (which has $133 in it right now), so we’re splitting extra money between debt payments and savings, but expect to start seeing more extra payments!  Woohoo!

The reno dragging is really killing my energy, but these monthly posts keep me coming back at least once a month, for which I am grateful.  Hopefully the posting frequency will start picking back up one of these days.  Stay tuned!

04/27/16:  I contacted AES, the company that services my student loans, and the rate would have gone up to 3.98% on the first if it weren’t for the reduction, so the interest rate is correct.  More motivation to pay the loans off quickly – especially since interest rates seem to be on their way up!


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