What new laptop?

So, today, my laptop stopped working.  Well, not the laptop itself – it started up fine, but Windows wouldn’t load.  Terrible timing, really – I hate switching laptops (or anything else), and we’re still in the middle of just a crazy number of things with the reno and travel planning and life in general.  I went ahead and built a laptop on Lenovo.com* for $545, but we don’t exactly have a lot of spare cash right now.

I was able to start up in Safe Mode, so I started backing up my files** while discussing the situation with DW, who offered to share her laptop for a while.  In a past life, I would have just bought the new laptop and figured it out later – I don’t like being a guest on someone else’s computer, and I need something on which to manage the household.  However, things have certainly changed over the past couple years, and I was coming around to using DW’s laptop until we figured out what to do.

Of course, if I can run in Safe Mode, maybe I can still do a little work on my laptop.

But wait!  If I can run in Safe Mode, I can do some troubleshooting.  What might have happened to tank my laptop?  Since I can run my OS, it doesn’t seem to be a hard drive problem, so what else could have happened?  I installed updates this morning – could something have gone wrong there?

I did a System Restore to before the updates, and, presto change-o, I’m back, baby!  I have my very own laptop, and I’ve saved $545 today!  Not a bad day.

Of course, updates are important to install for security reasons, but now I have lots of time to figure out what to do.  And I’ve taken one more small step toward being financially independent:  by fixing a tool rather than getting a new one, I’ve delayed an expense and given myself a chance to approach it in a smarter fashion.  Maybe I’ll be able to keep this laptop running for a long while yet.

06/21/16:  It looks like the update re-applied but didn’t wreck my laptop.  Just a glitch with the original attempt?


* Lenovo laptops have good battery life, and the Lenovo site still allows you to customize a build to include Windows 7 Professional.  I refuse to move to a Windows system above 7.

** I back up my files irregularly, but I did have a fairly recent backup in case all went to hell.


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