June Stats

We’re nearing the end of the reno; in fact, we’re probably going to finish this week.  Though, you probably already knew that:  I’ve started posting a bit more again, so that was a clear sign that things were nearing completion.  We’ve pulled everything out of storage (saving $174 pcm) and started going through boxes and finding room for things – not to mention getting ready to donate tons of stuff.  We’re trying to lessen the amount of stuff we have around to weigh us down; life isn’t about stuff.  (To be fair, it’s nice to have some stuff.. but the amount that we need or even want is much less than it used to be.)

We’ve also been putting out just ridiculous amounts of recycling as we’ve been unboxing.  I wonder what our neighbors think.

I’m hoping to have some interesting things to share with you over the next month or two, but, for now, let’s continue to our stats for this month!

Student Loans 3.73% $23,387.31 $180.74 $0.00
Mortgage 3.50% $309,274.07 $2,259.03 $0.00
Total $334,123.34 $2,439.77 $0.00

The exclamation mark may not have been warranted; we didn’t do anything special.  Hopefully next month’s will be more interesting.


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