August Stats

Student loan interest has gone up another quarter percent, but I anticipate having all student loans paid off within two years, when we sell the house and move to FL.  Actually, selling the house will put me at my goal of being debt free much sooner than I had anticipated when I started this blog, so expect to see different numbers and goals* appearing before then.

Student Loans 3.75% $23,029.93 $180.74 $150.00
Mortgage 3.50% $306,475.72 $2,259.03 $0.00**
Total $329,505.65 $2,439.77 $150.00

Also, how is everyone doing in the National Bike Challenge?  I’m up to 648.6 miles so far.  I’m guessing I’ll hit somewhere north of 750 by the time the Challenge ends in September.


* Though, of course, all of these goals and milestones are working toward one thing:  freedom.  Freedom from work, freedom with my time, freedom to live the life I want.

** There was actually an $80.43 payment made against the mortgage on 8/19, but I have no idea where this came from; I’ve called and they’re researching, so hopefully we’ll know by the end of the month.

09/06/16:  Apparently the $80.43 is a principal reduction that came from the corporate office; not a payment, so I won’t add it to the table, but it did reduce our debt, which is nice.


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