Laid up after accident

The entrance to one of the local bike paths is a bit steep and broken up, so recent(ish) rains have caused sand to pool at the junction of the neighborhood entrance and the bike path.  When I was heading to therapy on Tuesday (to start learning how to deal with stress better), I tried to turn onto the bike path right over that sand, and my touring tires slid out from under me.  I wiped out in a pretty unfortunate way – left foot went under the bike and got sliced up.  It didn’t hurt, and I could feel and move my foot, so I called DW and cycled the last couple miles to therapy and had my (first) appointment.

I didn’t think it was too bad, but DW disagreed, so we went to a clinic after my appointment.  Turns out, I needed twelve stitches – six internal, because the cut was pretty deep.  (On a related note, this is why married men live longer – DW is much smarter about these things than I am.)

Apparently, the reason I wasn’t feeling any pain was because my body shut that shit down with a shock response – which wore off in spectacular fashion overnight, and I’ve been trying to avoid walking ever since.  Should be interesting, since I need to be in the office all this coming week.  DW did get me some crutches, which should help:

Brightened them up with some Disney stickers.

The PA that stitched me up said no exercise for at least two weeks, though I imagine it’ll be a bit longer until I’m back to training for my half marathon.  (Hopefully my running buddy keeps training; I’d feel pretty terrible if my injury held her back.)  I’m looking forward to being back on my bike as soon as possible, though!

If you’re interested in seeing the cut, check it out after the cut:

Not sure if that blood will come out of my slippah.

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