How I get through the day

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been struggling with depression, which makes my motivation basically nonexistent.  I’ve spent many days this year just lying on the couch, watching TV or thumbing through Facebook or reddit.

I’ve started therapy, and the direction I was given (so far – have my second appointment tomorrow) was to take breaks during my work day to try to prevent the stress from building up.  This seems to be helping me get through the work day, but it’s still hard to have motivation for anything; I usually feel like breaking down at several points during the day.

But, not doing anything at all just adds to the strain as everything builds up, so I’ve started giving myself two things a day that I have to get done.  Once I’m done with those, I can sit around and wallow as much as I want, but this helps me feel like I’m still being a bit productive.  It also keeps things moving a bit more, which is good for me (and keeps DW happy as well).

Today, my items are to go shopping (by bike for the first time since the incident) and to write up my September Stats post.  Tomorrow, they’ll be to go to therapy and do something else, not sure yet.  DW is waiting for me to finish typing so we can go shopping, so I’m heading off to that, but I’ll be back to post the stats update later tonight.

Thanks for sticking with me.  I’m hoping to have motivation to write some more interesting posts soon.



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