No Restaurant October: Update

Well, we just got back from our Disney trip, and boy has it been a long bit of travel home.  We were sorely tempted to stop at a restaurant to have an easy dinner, but it’s No Restaurant October, so that option was right out.  This is where having handy freezer foods available really saves your bacon:  I am preheating the oven for some Bagel Bites right now, and cider in the beer fridge will go great with those.

Other than today’s temptations, it’s actually been pretty easy to avoid restaurants.  We’ve both cooked a bit more at home, and we’ve had some variety.  One of the crucial steps we’ve found is to eat before going shopping, since that’s one of the easiest times to fall back to getting some easy food out.

How about the rest of you?  How is your challenge going?  CFO Mom, what’s the good word?

Fall is my favorite season, so I am enjoying the crisp air, when we have it.  The awesome Halloween party we did at Disney makes me think it’s time to start looking forward to Thanksgiving, but, of course, Halloween hasn’t even happened yet!  Time is weird, sometimes.


2 thoughts on “No Restaurant October: Update

  1. Definitely not as good as you! I’ve stopped quick trips to fast food places after school. The kids have even stopped asking for it! But the weekends!! I’ve eaten out 2 weekends in a row! 😦


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