November Stats

(A day late, a dollar short.)

I was distracted by post-Thanksgiving cleaning and rest, and I forgot to make this update.  So, here’s a quick update on our debt repayment progress:

Student Loans 3.80% $22,490.06 $183.34 $0.00
Mortgage 3.50% $302,368.34 $2,259.03 $0.00
Total $324,858.40 $2,442.37 $0.00

Thanksgiving went pretty well – we hosted seven visitors, four of whom stayed the night and through lunch and a movie the next day.  We were able to send everyone who wanted leftovers home with whatever they wanted, and we had enough left over for ourselves that we’re still eating delicious Thanksgiving meals.  We have completely caught up on dishes, which is the best cleanup we’ve ever done; I’m very pleased.

I’m pretty drained, so I’ll cut it short, but I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving as well!


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