March Stats

Welp, guess I let this fall to the wayside a bit.  Let’s dive into the current stats!

Student Loans 3.86% $22,043.02 $183.54 $0.00
Mortgage 3.50% $296,835.70 $2,259.03 $0.00
Total $318,878.72 $2,442.57 $0.00

In interesting news, a bunch of fraudulent American Airlines charges started appearing on my credit card, so thanks to Citi for flagging that and letting me know!  Got contacted Friday and had a new card on Saturday.  Should be a week or two for them to verify that it’s fraud so I won’t have to pay for the charges.

I also had an interesting experience at work.  I get paid on the 15th and last of every month, and I got my bonus on March 8.  I tried to set up my 401k deductions to hit 50% for the March 8 paycheck and then go back down to my normal 6%.  Turns out, 401k deduction changes only take place on the first of each month.. so I’m putting 50% of my paycheck into my 401k for the entire month of March.  Luckily, the rest of the bonus check covers a little more than what I was expecting from my normal checks, so I don’t even have to touch the emergency fund (which is currently woefully underfunded).  I’ll also be upping (though technically lowering) my 401k contributions to 8% starting April 1, since that’s when my 2% cost-of-living increase will hit.

I’ve got our taxes just about ready to go out.  I’m trying out Credit Karma Tax, which is the first software I’ve ever used to fill out taxes, so I want to verify it against a manual calculation to make sure that it’s looking right.  Looks like we’ll also be putting $2,000 into a Traditional IRA to take some advantage of the tax credit.  (Was planning on maxing it, but don’t have the funds; see above.)


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