Mint SIM

I just paid $170.28 to cover the next year of DW’s cell service.  That’s $14.19 pcm for 2GB LTE and unlimited talk/text/2G data.  How?  By using Mint SIM.

Mint SIM is an MVNO – which is basically a service reseller.  They sit on top of T-Mobile’s network – which is pretty good – and offer dirt cheap plans.  There’s no contract, but they do offer discounts for pre-paying for longer periods of time.  You can see their plans here.  If you’re looking to save money on your cell phone bill, I’d recommend you do what we did and get their three-month plan (currently $35+fees – ours was a total of $41.49) to try it out, then pay for the year if you end up liking it.  (Once you have an account, the renewal is on sale, but that’s not shown on the public page.)

If you need more data, they also have 5GB and 10GB plans.  (Most people don’t need this much, but you can check your phone or your bills for historical usage to figure out what you’re likely to use.)

I just asked DW how she likes her service, and she said that she’s happy not to have to track her data anymore.  (She was on Project Fi with me before the switch.)  Her only complaint is that Mint SIM doesn’t support visual voicemail, which is a neat feature she had with Project Fi.  (She doesn’t get that many voicemails, though, so I don’t see that as a big deal.)

Let me know in the comments if you like a different service better.  I know there are dirt cheap options if you don’t really use your phone, but we use them frequently, mostly for data and texting.  I try to keep my usage below half a gig a month, but DW is on Pokemon GO more than I am and likes the freedom of the 2GB plan.


Note:  I have no relationship with Mint SIM except as a customer.  I’m not making any money through them or getting any discounts from them; I just really like their service, and I thought you might, too.


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